Fake Snow For Sale In Australia

Just add water and watch it grow

We have fake snow for sale to help celebrate a white Christmas in Australia! Fake snow can also be used for art and craft, magic shows and science experiments.

Fake snow for sale – click here!

fake snow for sale australia

Click here to see an amazing fake snow video!

Fake snow is fun!

  • Fake snow is fun to play with and run your hands through.
  • You can make snow balls from it.
  • It has been used for snow boarding competitions and fake snow in movies!
  • Perfect gift for children or the whole family at Christmas.
  • It can be used to decorate Christmas trees.

Fake snow for sale in quantities ranging from 20grams to 2.5kg!

  • Small quantities of fake snow for sale. Use it for decorations and science experiments.
  • Large quantities of fake snow for sale. Fill a play pool for white Christmas fun!

Reusable and mess free fake snow for sale…

  • It won’t leave a mess, because it simply dries out back into powder and you can use it over and over.
  • Simply squirt a little more water to make snow again!
  • It can be vacuumed up if you don’t want to reuse it.

Fake snow is 100% safe and environmentally friendly

  • Fake snow is non-toxic and safe for children.
  • You can actually apply the fake snow powder directly to the soil and it will help plants to retain moisture in the drier months.
  • This is an original fake snow product and will expand the most.
  • Stirring is not required with this instant snow!
  • Other instant snow products available may require stirring to make the snow grow.
  • Fake snow is a super absorbent polymer if you are interested in the science behind it for school projects see the post What is fake snow?

Fake snow for sale – click here!

100 gram box