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What is Fake Snow Made From?

Fake snow is made from a super absorbent polymer plastic. It comes in a dry powder form. When water is added it expands to an unbelievable size and has similar properties to real snow. It looks and feels just like real snow.

fake snow

How to Make Fake Snow Cold?

Fake snow has a cool feeling when it is mixed with water. You can make it really cold like real snow by putting it in the fridge or freezer for half an hour. Either that or use cold water from the fridge when making the snow.

Is Fake Snow Harmful?

Fake snow is perfectly safe in its wet form. You can even eat the snow and it will pass straight through your body. It is non toxic to humans, plants and animals.

When the powder is dry however it may be dangerous to eat a large quantity however since it swells up as soon as it comes into contact with moisture.

Does Fake Snow Melt?

Fake snow will not melt like real snow, it will however dry out and turn back into its powder form. The time it takes to turn back into a powder depends on how hot the weather is. If you have the snow in a splash pool for instance it will take many days to dry out. More water can simply be added to return the snow to its former state.

What Can Fake Snow Be Used For?

It can be used for art, craft, science, Christmas trees or simply to play with any time of the year!

What Colour Is Fake Snow?

It is white just like real snow. You can add food colouring to it to change it into any colour you like.


How to Make Fake Snow the Easy Way in Three Simple Steps!

Fake snow is really simple to make. We show you how to make fake snow at home the easy way.

1. Purchase some fake snow powder from our online store!
2. Add water to the fake snow powder
3. Watch as it expands to many times it’s size!

As you add the water the snow grows and grows and grows until it overflows from the beaker. It is really amazing to watch and fun to play with no matter what your age!