Cork Handbags

Crafty Cat Creations Cairns makes quality individually hand crafted cork handbags and other hand made fabric gifts. Proudly made in Australia using cork fabric, these vegan handbags have a range of advantages over traditional leather including:

  • As durable as animal leather
  • As versatile as fabric
  • Stain and fire resistant
  • Recyclable and bio-degradable
  • Lightweight and water resistant
  • Vegan friendly

Cork handbags are completely vegan friendly since they do not use any animal products. Cork fabric is a 100% plant-based vegan product that is manufactured with very little waste. The fabric is created from the bark of the Cork Oak tree and removing the bark does not cause harm to the tree. Crafty Cat Creations vegan handbags are hand made in Australia using Portuguese cork fabric, which means they are a natural and sustainable alternative to other types of vegan handbags.

Some of the products Crafty Cat Creations Cairns sells include:

  • Cork & fabric clutch bags
  • Cork handbags
  • Cork shoulder bags
  • Cork cross body bags
  • Cork & fabric tote bags
  • Cotton eyeglass pouches
  • Cotton face masks
  • Cotton table runners
  • Cotton tissue pouches
  • Wet & dry bags

If you are looking for beautifully designed cork handbags, vegan handbags and other fabric gifts hand made in Australia, then we highly recommend checking out the Crafty Cat Creations Cairns online store!