Instant Snow Fun Ideas

Craft Ideas

Spruce up the Christmas tree with fake snow sprinkles on the Christmas tree!
Give Santa an authentic north pole home in your house! You can make miniature Christmas displays.
Create a holiday feeling at home or at work!
Put the snow as a decoration on the window sill of your house
Surprise guests with a yard full of snow, or maybe just some at the doorstep!
Instant snow can be used as a base for your candle display, it is non-flammable and projects a gentle glow from the candlelight.
Add food colouring to change into the colour you want.
Glue snow to your Christmas cards for friends and family!
Decorate your dining table with the snow, it is non-toxic and won’t cause ill effects if swallowed (in small amounts!)
Great for flower arrangements, place some powder with the flowers to retain water for longer and keeps your arrangements beautiful.

Fun for Kids

Fill a kiddie pool with instant snow for a play full snow splash.
Build a snowman with your kids! Have a snowball fight! Just add a little more water to make the snow sticky.
Great for photos, take a photo with your children throwing a handful in the air!
For girls, sprinkle it over the doll house to give the children a winter theme to play with.
For boys, get the trucks and trains driving though the instant snow, or create a military instant snow battle with figurines! Kids will play with it for longer in summer because it is cool to the touch and relieves some of the Australian summer heat.
Make a snowman on a plate then freeze it in the freezer overnight to make it last for days!
To make a snowman you should add a little extra water to make the snow sticky. Once you have built the snowman you can put it into the freezer and leave it in there overnight. The snowman should last for a number of days. Of course you could keep freezing it overnight and it will last for as long as you like. You can use a spray bottle to keep the snowman from drying out during the day.
Add triple the amount of water and some food dye to make some slime!

Science projects

Discuss the use of super absorbent polymers in the world.
Soaking pads for meat juices from meat packed in the foam supermarket trays.
As an ice pack if wrapped in a tea towel and placed in the freezer!
Winter Olympics, to add to the instant snow if there is not enough
Fake snow in movies when they need it whiter than the real thing!
To soak up oil in large ocean oil spills – take some kitchen vegetable oil and place it on a plate, watch the instant snow absorb it up!
In baby diapers! You could cut one open to have a look!

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