Magic snow can be a wonderful tool to reach goals with children by opening their minds to science while they are just playing with something new and fun.

You can work with your class in groups, pairs or individuals depending on the targets you want to reach.

It is especially suitable for the Christmas season in a country that doesn’t have a white snowy Christmas.

Magic snow can be used for a fun science lesson while being a tool to develop children’s fine motor skills and dexterity in their hands.

Change your next lesson to something exciting for your students!

In the following pages you can find a lot of lesson ideas, and there is no limit to the different ways you can teach and amaze with this simple product.

We are willing to help you with any further help with ideas how to use our product to reach your goals with your students.

Class activity ideas:

1) Each student should have their own plastic cup with 1 teaspoon of the magic snow powder, and another with the right amount of water. Then they create their own snow and play with it a little bit. You can give them tasks like building a snow man, or making a snow ball etc. Then ask them to share the snow with the student that sitting next to them and create the same thing together, cooperating. When they finish ask the class to share all their snow in one place (like on a mat or even a small paddling pool) and then create something altogether that is the teacher’s decision.
As the students are creating decorations for Christmas and playing in the snow, the other skills they are learning are sharing with each other can lead to something much grander and better, along with having more fun.
Discussing this later with the class can make them realise that sharing provides benefits!

2) Creating a Christmas decoration
It can be a competition across the school, or something just for your students.
The students making Christmas decorations can later combine the finished products into a beautiful exhibition; they could be Santa, church, houses or deer.
You could also combine it with a recycling project where the art will be made from plastic bags, bottles, cans and everything that you can find in a recycling bin.
Put a thick layer of snow in the corner of the class room on a plastic sheet or a rug, then the student’s craft can be placed there, with some snow sprinkled on the roof of the houses.

This activity is another good activity with the students working as a team, and sharing with their friends in an effort to reach the goal of making a beautiful decorated display.

3) Science project
In small groups or individually Give students a plastic cup with a few teaspoons of magic snow powder, and another plastic cup with the right amount of water and a task list with questions that they need to fill out and answer as a group.
(Click to Download Magic Snow Tasklist and Questions)

Craft ideas:

1) Decorate the class or school Christmas tree.
If there is a large school Christmas tree, each class can create a decoration for the tree and sprinkle some snow in the area of their decoration. A small part of the snow used in a science activity can them be used for this Christmas decorting. After the students have made their decorations they should be given the chance to sprinkle snow around the tree.

2) Surprise the students with santa footprints at the entrance of the school, made by sprinkling some snow around a large boot on the ground.

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