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Questions regarding magic snow?

Please click on an item in the shop and ask your question through ebay.  Thankyou!

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  1. Hi there

    I am after a RUSH order of “Instant Snow” for 70x students.
    Do you have this quantity?
    Can it get to Sydney within 2-4 days, I’m prepared to pay courier, premium, whatever it takes

    1. Hi Estelle, Please go here and click on Buy Now: This will take you to ebay, please ask the ebay seller if they do express postage. Thankyou!

  2. Where can I buy the 1 kg fake snow as when I click on the site, it says that there is no link like that?

    1. Hi, try again now. It should be working 🙂

  3. For how long and what conditions bag should be stored ?

    1. Magic Snow can be stored for as long as you like. It does not degrade over time.

  4. Hi.
    I’m wanting enough snow for a 5m x 5m area about 10-20cm deep. How much will I require please. Is this safe for children to play in?

    1. Hello, you would require around 50kg of dry snow powder to cover that amount of area. The snow is perfectly safe for children to play in. Thank you 🙂

  5. Hi.Im going to use my fake snow in big glass domes as the base for Christmas village.can I put small battery fairy lights IN the snow??
    If not.would it be safe to drape the lights over the top of the snow?

    1. Hi, I would try to keep the lights away from the snow as the snow contains moisture.

  6. Good evening,
    I was wondering if you still sell snow? I am interested in the $35 package for 1kg of snow and I need it quite quickly.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, if you click Buy Now on the item it will take you to the seller on ebay where you can purchase the item. Thanks!

  7. We are looking to purchase large quanitiy for fake snow. We need around 1190 sqm of snow for a 1.5 meter depth. Can you please advise if you have it.


    1. Hi if you click on this product and contact the seller directly they should be able to help you out:

  8. Hi,

    I ma after some instant snow. Do you have a store in Melbourne?

    1. Hi, The snow is only sold in our online store sorry.

  9. Hi,

    I am wanting to buy your 1KG package to be delivered for Christmas !! so in 6 days time !!! . how long would it take to get to postcode 5162 ( Adelaide ) ? would it be possible to pay for express? if yes, how much?

    How much would the total cost be?


    1. Hi, please click on the product in the shop. It will direct you to ebay where you can contact the ebay seller directly to see if express postage is an option. Thanks and Happy Christmas!

  10. Hi – I am Melbourne based and hoping to order 3 x 2.5kg of the fake snow in time for an event next Thursday 22 December. Is pick up available? When you go to purchase it takes you to an ebay store and they don’t have contact details so I can follow up… please help! thanks

    1. Hi, You will need to send the ebay seller a message directly, to do so you will need an ebay account. Thanks!

  11. Hi how long would it take to deliver an order to the Gold Coast?

    1. Hi, If you click on a product it will take you through to an ebay shop. Most of the ebay sellers are located in Australia so it should only take a few days to the Gold Coast but you can confirm with the seller before you purchase. Thankyou!

  12. Hi, I am working on a film set and we need enough to cover approximately 10m by 10m area. It will be used for a period of 5 days. Will it get dirty with people walking on it? Do we just spray water on it as it will dehydrate under the lights.

    How many packets do you think we will need?

    Filming starts on Nov 1.


    1. Hi Eve,

      As a rough guide 1kg of snow powder will cover a 1m x 1m area to a depth of 6cm.

      10m x 10m would require 100kg of snow.

      I would recommend buying a small quantity to experiment with. It will pick up dirt if your shoes or feet are dirty. You can spray the snow with water to re-hydrate it.

  13. Can I ask you if you can make snow ball etc with this or is it only decorative?

    1. Yes! You can press it together and it sticks just like a snowball!

  14. Hi,

    I’m in Richmond – if I order today can I get it before end of day Friday July 29?

    1. Hi please click on the item you would like and contact the ebay seller directly. Thankyou!

  15. Would like to buy some snow for a shoot can I come to you to buy? Are u based in sydney?

    1. Hi, Please click on the product you would like and it will take to an ebay store. You can ask your question to the ebay user. They are based in Melbourne I believe. Thankyou!

  16. I work in a childcare how long would it take to get to Warwick in Perth WA? We want it for the 8th July 2016.

    1. We are looking at getting 1KG

    2. Hi, Please click on the link and it will direct you to ebay. You can then ask your question to the seller. I am quite sure they will be able to arrange express postage for you!

  17. i work in a childcare how long would it take to get to Warwick in Perth WA? We want it for the 8th July 2016

  18. Hello,
    I purchased your fake snow to use in a hotel but our OH&S team require an updated MSDS form. They are after one from withing 5 years – are you able to send via email?

    1. Hi, If you purchased through ebay please contact the ebay seller directly. The MSDS for instant snow here is from 2010

      1. Thank you, I have this one but it is over 5 years old. Is this the only one you have available?

        1. This is the only one we have available. If you purchased through ebay, then you should be able to get an updated MSDS from the seller. Thankyou!

  19. Hi, we need the artificial snow urgently, the date is 16th april 2016. How long it could be delivered to Waterloo NSW? If your warehouse is not far away, we may pick up ourselves.
    Thank you

    1. Hi please click on an item and direct your question to the ebay seller. Express postage can be arranged if needed. Thanks!

  20. Hi was just enquiring as to whether you can do a discounted deal for our society. We are looked to place snow on 15 (2×3 tables) at a University function, as well as across the bar and leaning areas. Do you have a suggestion as to how much fake snow we would need? Also we are located in Geelong, Victoria, and our event is on the 22nd of April, would you be able to deliver in time? Kind regards

    1. Hi there! If you think of the magic snow in litres and then calculate how many litres of snow you need per table, this should help you out. For example 2.5kg of snow makes between 100-150 litres (depending on how much water you add). For a quote on larger amounts please go to and click the “Buy Now” button. It will take you to ebay where you can ask the ebay seller for a quote on larger amounts. Thankyou!

  21. How much fake snow would I need to fill an area 3m x 3m. Wanting it to be a couple of inches deep.

    Thank you.

    1. You would need about 9kg of snow powder for an area that big. This will give you about 6cm of snow coverage. Thanks!

  22. Can you please tell me what kind of coverage I would get from 1kg bag. I want to have enough for possibly one inch depth for play, . I figured this would be a suitable depth for ground cover.. Your guidance would be appreciated.


    1. Hi, 1kg of instant snow will give you up to 6cm of coverage in a 1m x 1m area. Hope this helps!

  23. Hello,
    We purchased some snow from you for our daughters birthday party – which was a huge hit. the kids loved it.
    We’d like to use the rest at her daycare/kindergarten for an activity, however the kindergarten requires an MSDS sheet. Are you please able to send me one?

    1. Not a problem, here is a link to the MSDS for instant snow:

      It is a very safe non-toxic product. The dry powder form may cause irritation. It can be safely eaten once mixed with water and will not cause any problems.

  24. I purchased 2.5kgs on ebay to pick up but no address has been provided – can you please provide one? Thanks

    1. Please contact the ebay seller about your purchase. Thankyou!

  25. Good morning. I am having a big frozen for a terminally ill little girl in 2 weeks. Im needing enough snow to fill a 3×6 m tent and a 2m x5m long ice arch could yiu tell me how much I would need to purchase.

    1. Hi, The 2.5kg will make roughly 150 Litres of snow. So that’s 15 x 10 Litre buckets of snow if that helps. For quotes on more than 2.5kg please click on and you will be directed to a listing on ebay. Please ask the ebay seller for a quote on larger quantities and they will help you out. Thankyou!

  26. hi , i i order tomorrow could you guarantee i will receive the snow by the 10 jan????if possible??
    regards Emanuela

    1. Hi please click on a product in the shop and ask your question through the ebay store. Thanks!

  27. do you sell instant snow in the Taree Port Macquarie area

    1. Instant snow is available for sale through the online store.

  28. Hi, I would like to place an order and have a couple of questions please. Can you please email me asap with your phone number so I can call as I need the products by the 4th December.


    1. Please click on a product in our shop and contact the ebay seller directly. Thanks!

  29. Hi,

    Looking for fake snow for a photo shoot. Would need the plastic flakes that fly around. What is the smallest quantity I can purchase?

    Live in Sydney would like to have delivered by the end of the week.

    Thank you. Helene

    1. Hi, Please click on the quantity of snow required. You will be directed to the ebay shop where you can ask the ebay seller your question. Thankyou!

  30. as per the previous comment , are your products currently available ? thankyou

    1. Hi, The link to the new ebay listing has been updated. Thanks for letting us know about this!

  31. Hi I am want to buy 3 of the 2.5Kg fake ice when i click buy it sends me to e bay and telling me the item has closed have you sold out can you please let me know


    1. did you hear back from them ? im having the same problem ?

      1. The item has been relisted on ebay. If this happens again please click on “Sellers other items” to find other instant snow listings!

  32. where can I buy instant snow in Australia and how much

    1. Please click on the links in our shop. Thanks!

  33. I am keen to purchase magic snow for a kids party. The party is on Sunday 13th July. Would I be able to get it in time? Can it be used outside for decorations as well?

    1. The ebay seller will be able to answer these questions. Thanks!

  34. Hi,

    I would like to purchase the 20gms of snow for party favours. I was wondering how it is packaged… Is it like the picture on the website (the blue box)?

    1. The 20grams is packaged like it is shown in the ebay ad.

  35. I would like to purchase 2.5 KG of fake snow. We need it delivered to cloncurry qld 4824 by 19th June. Is this possible?

    Thank you

    1. Please contact the ebay seller. Thankyou!

  36. Hello
    I would like to place a large order for the snow. Do you have an email address when I can send you some more information?


    1. Please contact the ebay seller. Thanks!

  37. I noticed that you ship from cranbourne. I live in cranbourne. Would I be able to pick it up directly from you and pay you?

    1. Please click on a fake snow item in our shop and ask your question through there. Thankyou!

  38. Hi! l purchased a large beg of magic snow and was wondering if that will be delivered to me by this week? its my daughters birthday party on Saturday. Our address is 7 Anne Marie close St.Ives new 2075.
    Thankyou Louise.

    1. Hi, Your fake snow has been posted and should be arriving to you this week. Thanks!

  39. Hi there I need a 1kg bag how long would it take to delivery to post code 2120. I am having a Disney Frozen party on sat May 3

    1. Hi, There is a 2-3 Day postage time on all fake snow Australia items.

  40. How much area will the 2.5kg pack of snow cover?

    1. Hi, It would make 100-150 litres of fake snow.

  41. if i needed your 1KG package to be delivered. how long would it take to get to Barcelona. Would it be possible to pay for pay pal? if yes, how much?

    How much would the total cost be?


    1. Sorry we don’t ship fake snow overseas. Fake snow Australia shipping only at this stage.

  42. Hi,

    if i needed your 1KG package to be delivered. how long would it take to get to postcode 2113? would it be possible to pay for express? if yes, how much?

    How much would the total cost be?


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